Successful contact management commences with proper review and establishment of a quality supplier base which is achievable through an efficient pre-qualification process. Once the supplier base is established, the next step would be to prepare a transparent tender strategy for implementing the tender or quotation screening process. Due diligence should be exercised in selecting the right contractor/supplier for the intended service/goods after consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages of the selection. During the pre-award phase, contract professionals should review the selection thoroughly as to whether the selected vendor could fulfil the requirements of the service/goods to the satisfaction of the organizational needs as intended. Post award contact management is the most important activity of the whole process as it could expand to a longer duration and needs constant monitoring and control for forecasting near risks, avoiding risks and employing suitable mitigating techniques. As with any practical activity, there bound to be unforeseen circumstances and only constant vigilance would be able to sense such situations before its actual happening thereby being able to mitigate the unforeseen disruption of the contractual/supplying process. This may need rectification and revision of contractual terms at times hence it should be kept in mind that the terms and conditions of the agreements should be flexible and include clauses to make such changes possible by mutual acceptance.