In construction contracts, it is seen often that the contracting parties do not involve in friendly relationships with attitude of mutual respect and helping, to complete projects successfully. What is seen is interaction of parties for day to day problems, raising issues, complaints, change orders, fines, delays in payments and if worst, liquidated damages.

The ways of thinking seem different from one another where the owner is constantly worried over the progress, or reducing costs, the engineer facing problems with variations, design errors, non-compliances while the contractor thinking of ways to complete the project with the least cost. There is no synchronization among the players at all.

While the ultimate goal has to be completing the project successfully, the ways to go there seems different among the parties and that creates all the ugly things happening while no body consider of doing it the right way in mutual partnership.

From a better perspective what if, the owner, the engineer and the contractor join hands and try to achieve the goal together?

Often in most of construction project, this thing called a kick-0ff meeting takes place, but it does not seem to cater to lay a good foundation of mutual partnership, rather an authoritative formal governing advising what to do and what not to do. Instead, the meeting should allow all the parties to talk about the risks involved, difficulties, issues and how to prepare for what’s ahead by methods of mitigating or solutions for risks and issues involved. Not ending at the kick-off meeting only, the parties should join hands until the end of the contract, in tackling all difficulties together and achieve the goal of completing the project successfully.