Most of the construction contracts do not end with the anticipated results in respect of time, cost or quality. The reason lies basically with the lack of communication and friendly relations among the contracting parties. Below is a list of actions which will help the parties to develop better relations resulting ij successful contracts.

1. Communicate and understand the expectations and goals of the owner. The Engineer and the Contractor should consider the best ways to achieve milestones of the project.

2. Establish clear goals for cost, time, quality, and progress for each milestone.

3. Handle issues with mutual understanding and joining hands.

4. Select and engage right workers to tasks, if availability of right workers for a task is an issue then appoint a subcontractor or outsource it. Make sure the workers, or the subcontractors are committed to delivering the tasks as scheduled.

5. Staff members of both the engineer and the contractor who are responsible for each task shall meet regularly on friendly atmosphere to discuss difficulties and issues. Get them to solve problems then and there in mutual helping.

6. Get the employees of like minded operations get to know each other and arrange their sitting in close proximity for better communication.

7. When the teams encounter a difficult issue which they find difficult to solve, get the respective mangers involved.

8. Avoid arguments, mud slanging, criticism among employees of the engineer and contractor. Get them to understand that the problem is common for all.

9. Get the employees to make good relationships, arrange parties or get togethers. Develop a friendly atmosphere where any body can express the difficulties. 10. List down the problems, issues and difficulties that occurred during the contract. Use the list to avoid such things in the next project.