As with any position in the world of employment, the position of the Contract Manager undergoes evolutionary process and along with it, the roles played by the position in the industry. This trend of evolution is much faster than before due to technological development happening everywhere in the industry worldwide.

As of now, the general scope (among other things as required by a particular organization) of a contract manager is to;

  • Drafting, preparation, review, manage and closing contracts,
  • Interpretation and implementation of the terms and conditions of contracts,
  • Providing contractual advice to the management,
  • Be aware and use of a wide range of contracting methods and types,
  • Monitoring contract performance and its compliance,
  • Negotiation of contract terms for advantage of the representing organization,
  • Conducting meetings with stakeholders on matters pertaining to contract signing, implementation, managing and disputes,
  • Management of subcontracts,
  • Assisting the procurement process,
  • Tracking and monitoring deliverables until the end of contract validity.

This traditional scope of a contract manager is experiencing changes now with the additional duties such as;

  • Developing the contracting policy of the organization,
  • Developing, planning, and maintaining contract strategies for the betterment of the organization,
  • Developing, planning and maintaining procurement strategies,
  • Automation of contract management functions,
  • Assisting sourcing, review of pre-qualifications, vendor short listing,
  • spend analysis,
  • Assisting supply chain management,
  • Assisting project management,
  • Maintaining external relationships.

These scope additions are noticeable in most of the organizations irrespective of whether it is public or private and are expected to change over time.

It is further noticeable that the changes do occur gradually hence difficult to monitor in an ongoing process. An ideal way to understand the changes is to monitor the positions in a periodical manner in periods of few years at a time by allowing sufficient time for new scope to crawl in and get established and integrated in to the role of a contract manager