Certain skills needed in contract management throughout all phases of the contract lifecycle are interpersonal and proactive skills. Companies must recognize that it is not enough to have the necessary functional knowledge (financial and legal, process and project management etc.) to perform well in contract management. The contracting process is a complex network of interrelationships, both within the company and with customers and suppliers. As such, interpersonal skills needed in contract management are listed below. Relationships must be managed by people who are:

Having interpersonal and proactive skills,

Strongly analytical in relation to mapping and improving the necessary interactions between business functions, customers and suppliers;

Able to implement and facilitate the necessary communication and reporting lines;

Able to establish the necessary leadership, teams and effective delegation of responsibility;

Open-minded towards other business functions and cultures, and able to understand their goals, techniques, methods and cultures;

Encouraging communication and willingness to share knowledge and information;

Facilitating openness to constructive feedback without emotional bias;

Encouraging teamwork, networking, responsiveness, ethical, emphatic and social thinking;

Outcome-oriented, and able to reach compromise between different interests, without the lack of the ability to take decisions.