Today’s ‘best practice’ contracts management professionals are those with a holistic responsibility for the contracting process (pre- and post- award). They are increasingly involved in establishing contracting policies that support market and business strategy – and this is something that cannot readily be done if resources are fragmented. As an Academician of Economics at one of the major UK business schools recently commented: ‘The value of contracts is in the outcomes they produce’. He also observed that today’s contracts are becoming more complex and the risks of failure are more severe.

Too often, companies have had no one providing the oversight for achieving those outcomes or managing that complexity and risk – and that is why the role of Contract Manager is emerging as a critical competency in contract management in today’s organizations. It is also why Contract Managers themselves need to start focusing less on what makes them different, and more on recognizing that there is a common and consistent core of activities that underlie their role and professionalism.