As with any position of employment, a Contracts Manager is appointed on a set of Terms and conditions of employment and he and the employer enter into a contract of employment. This may be in the form of a letter setting out the essential terms of the contract, such as the services to be provided and the basis of payment, or a standard ‘Form of Agreement for the Appointment of employees of an organization’ which may normally have a set of special terms pertaining to the position. Candidates with a qualification in contract management are best suited to work as Contract Managers.

Similarly, in contract management, the obligations of the Contracts Manager are governed therefore by the terms of the contract of employment. However, a person who offers professional services has a duty in law to exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of those services, otherwise he may be liable for damages under the law relating to negligence. His actions are expected to be of an equal standard to those of other qualified persons practicing the same profession.