A successful construction project is one which is completed ahead or on the agreed completion date, and within the scheduled cost. Every contractor wishes to build a project on time and within budget limits but in reality it happens seldom. Complete understanding of the construction processes including effective scheduling and management of the project, is of prime importance for the success of a project. The contractor is ultimately responsible for managing the project and various subcontractors, suppliers and other parties under its supervision.

Successfully managing a construction project requires that the contractor prepares or handles following items and stages to avoid or minimize additional expenses;

A realistic and achievable construction program, considering every minute activity,

Establish the true Critical Path,

Monitor the project schedule and use it to control the costs and delays,

Manage change orders efficiently,

Each of these steps requires commitment and efficient handling the processes by the team members in every department of a contracting company. Lack of attention and inefficient handling may result in unexpected losses, additional expenses and delays thereby diminishing hopes of attaining a successful construction project.