An owner’s (Employer) main requirement of a CMP is to understand & plan his business interests, avoidance of risks and get the project constructed smoothly and in time. Although a CMP might not be essential for smaller projects, the need of it becomes more as the projects getting bigger.

From the business perspective, a CMP will include following items along with other details;

  • Intended final goal,
  • Financial and business feasibility,
  • Business benefits,
  • Financial and business risks,
  • Structure life span and the business gains over the years,
  • Overheads involved including staff salaries,
  • Cash flow,
  • Tender and contract process
  • Project duration,
  • Defects liability period and taking over,
  • Facility management after taking over.

In addition to above details, a CMP for an owner may include following items though not hold direct relevance to business;

  • Construction plan,
  • Permission from authorities and municipality,
  • Description of the structure,
  • Owner’s construction manager and the staff to be allocated,
  • Project design,
  • Engineer’s details and his appointment,
  • Contractor’s details,
  • Construction process