Although supervision of workers is the principle responsibility of a construction foreman, he may be required to perform other tasks which are not direct construction activities. Among such tasks are; disciplining, training, welfare, health matters, leave allocation of the workers; raising equipment and material requests, assistance to employees of the authorities/ civil defence/ municipality/ and similar personnel, assistance to surveyors, site waste management, attending to water and power supplies .. etc., throughout the project.

A foreman is also required to monitor employee efficiencies, evaluate their progress, and provide workers with guidance and assistance to help increase efficiency. 

Apart from above, a foreman is the contact for the workers under him for their requirements, grievances or complaints to be communicated to relevant departments in a construction organization.

When workers are organized under trade unions, a construction foreman needs to know and understand the contract terms so he can ensure that matters like assigning overtime or disciplinary action meet with the requirements of the union.