A distasteful matter for every owner of a construction project is variations or change orders which cause escalation of the project costs. Nevertheless, the owners themselves are to be blamed of it and they should take the responsibility as most of the variations rise due to incomplete, inadequate, inconsistent contract or tender documents prepared by owner’s or their representatives.

It is therefore essential for the owners and their representatives to perform thorough reviews of both tender and contract documents, prior to entering into contract agreements with contractors. In case if errors are found in tender documents, still it can be rectified during pre-bid clarification meetings or during tender evaluation times. Such actions can be effective at reducing inconsistencies in the bid documents, and subsequently the contract documents, as there are numerous contractors checking the documents and asking for clarifications on potential discrepancies. A project’s success can depend on understanding that change is going to happen before it happens, and having effective plans in place for minimizing, mitigating, and handling changes thus maintaining de-escalation of project costs.