Responsibilities of a construction foreman is generally similar in any construction site though there can be some differences depending on the type of the project. Generally, Construction foremen are responsible for supervising the workers who are employed in various activities in construction sites and in specific cases they may be instructed to do other relevant jobs such as; be in-charge of activities of small subcontractors, attending the tasks of inspections or tests, or be of assistance to employees representing authorities who visit the site for certain tasks … etc.

A construction foreman should have some knowledge of the quality standards of the activities performed by the workers who are under his control and should have the ability to detect non-compliances in the completed work.

A major requirement of a construction foreman is the ability to supervise workers ensuring that they begin work on time and finish within designated working hours to avoid overtime whenever possible and direct the workers for overtime allocations on the instructions of the site engineers.,

As a foreman gains years of experience in the job, he will acquire greater knowledge of the activities and building regulations of construction and will be in a position with more responsibilities at site.

Construction foremen certainly can pursue education in areas of project management and building services in lieu of real-world experience, and some do in order to advance their careers or to make themselves more marketable.

Pursuing advanced education in either field adds formalized knowledge to the hands-on experience a foreman is already getting working in the construction industry.