For making any plan, it is imperative that the final goal must be kept in mind for getting the most of the plan. Similarly, the final construction goal shall be kept in mind while making a CMP for best outcome. In addition to visualizing the intended structure, it is also necessary to visualize its environment, neighbourhood and other impacts for getting the best results of a CMP.

A valuable source which can be used to prepare a CMP is the construction schedule (program of works). A good amount of information regarding the construction processes involved can be obtained from a construction schedule and it would be advisable to prepare the CMP in homogeneity with it and care should be taken to avoid any contradictions between the two.

A typical CMP shall necessarily include the processes to maintain; environment protection, least disturbance to neighbourhood, minimum pollution to air and water, least disturbance to traffic & pedestrians.

There are a number of software available for generating a CMP while there are software which provide following processes and documents which are used as data for creation of a CMP.

  • Construction planning & schedules,
  • Material, equipment, manpower histograms,
  • Cashflow charts,
  • Resource allocation and usage,
  • CAD (computer aided design) for preparing 2D or 3D project drawings,
  • Project estimation,
  • Project monitoring,
  • Construction accounting